BMW 7er product and brand experience


Reveal show of the new BMW 7 Series

BMW dealers from all world markets meet at the international dealer drive event in Munich in September 2015 to experience the new BMW 7 Series live for the first time. It is a demanding audience that needs to be thrilled. And so pictures, messages and, above all, the atmosphere aim to get the audience in the right mood and to get them excited.

In the Reveal show, gate.11 interprets “contemporary luxury”, the message of the new BMW 7 Series in an unusual way: with light and shadow – and with the fusion of spatial experience and film.


BMW Group
media staging and film concept;
vehicle shooting, postproduction;
music composition and sound design

Painting the space with light and shadow

The new BMW 7 Series is shot in the studio for the production of the media presentation, where a lighting and staging concept developed by gate.11 with video beamers is used. This lighting concept is also the supporting design element for the stage show.