BMW 3 Series

World premiere

Media design package for revealshow

For the international press event 2005 in Valencia for the introduction of the new BMW 3 Series, we developed a media design concept that leads through the entire event.

A special feature of the event is the location where the presentation of the new vehicle takes place: the elegant architecture of Santiago Calatrava. In order to stage the world premiere in this setting, two films are shot in advance to accompany the presentation of the vehicle, directly at the venue, the Science Center “CAC Valencia”.

At the climax of the show, the moment of unveiling can be staged in a special way: pre-produced film scenes dazzle the live filmed entrance of the BMW 3 Series, so that it finds its way from the impressive architecture directly onto the stage. The driving shots of the BMW 3 Series merge with the architecture of Santiago Calatrava.


concept film staging;
motion graphics;
shooting and postproduction
BMW Valencia

Architectural lines as a design element

The graphic language of the animations is also inspired by the lines of the architecture and artfully integrates the real environment into the film.

Filming in the Science Center “CAC Valencia”

Two films accompany the show and were shot in advance directly at the venue, in the elegant architecture of Santiago Calatrava.