SWR corporate design relaunch

On-Air TV and Off-Air

Show your colours - SWR Redesign Baden-Baden, Mainz and Stuttgart 2011

The new corporate design, which is used off-air not only on SWR television, but also online, is under the motto “show your colours”. The redesign, conceived and produced by gate.11, not only reflects the warm, sunny southwest of Germany, but above all leads the viewer through different colour worlds and thus through the programme.

The implementation of the design is not completely generated on the computer. In order to meet the need for a fresh, lively design and to avoid the sterility of computer-generated graphic animations, gate.11 opts for a live-action movie of the basic design elements of light, colour and movement. The basis are thus actually shooted images of colour spectra on differently coated glass surfaces. This results in various refractions of light and reflections, giving the look its own dynamic. With this design principle gate.11 creates numerous filmic and analogue backgrounds for the new design.

The divisions can be assigned colour codes, a clear typography guides through the packaging elements, while the SWR logo develops homogeneously from the colour backgrounds. In this way, the individual programme components of the channel can be homogeneously integrated – one of the great challenges of channel packaging.


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design and animation;
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SWR Sendedesign

Concept of colour worlds

Each area is assigned its own color space. The sport appears in red, information in blue, entertainment in yellow and orange, service in green, knowledge and culture in violet. For trailer routes with broadcasts of different genres and as background for the newly developed logo animations, the individual colour worlds are brought together again as multi-colour worlds.