mozaiq operations

Corporate Media Identity

Consistent media visual language and Corporate Identity

For the German start-up mozaiq, which offers solutions for the quick and practical implementation of IoT products, we have developed a new media image presented for the first time at IFA 2017: CI elements and a graphic visual language ensure consistency in technical communication and brand presentation, in graphic interfaces of interactive exhibits and app as well as on the website. A brand film conveys the attitude and service in a charming, simple and appealing way.


mozaiq operations
development of media image;
multi-channel interactive media presentation;
concept and design brand and product film;
media staging IFA Berlin 2017

Modern interpretation of a mosaic

The newly developed logo combines the keyvalues (fast, secure, simple) as supporting columns with the idea of an all-encompassing marketplace. The M as a grid creates movable elements and a playful mosaic that can be used concisely.

Multi-channel media communication

The consistently simple and at the same time versatile graphic concept supports the media communication of complex and technological content. The result is a consistent brand and product presentation on complementary digital media such as websites, sales apps and interactive use cases.