BMW Auto China Shanghai 2015

World premiere of the first BMW Plug-in Hybrid series-produced automobile

The Electrifying Force

In 2015, BMW is celebrating a world premiere at Auto China: with the Sports Activity Vehicle BMW X5 eDrive40e, the automobile manufacturer presents the first plug-in hybrid series-produced automobile – and thus a new breakthrough that the trade fair presentation is intended to bring to life. The stage for this presentation is framed on the rear by a main LED and flanked on the side by offset LED cubes, which thus make the message “transformation” spatially visible.

This architectural requirement continues the media concept of gate.11. The physical cubes of the stage sides are cinematically simulated on the main LED. This creates a virtual depth of space that is a surprising effect and creates flowing transitions between the media surfaces. The visual rupture of structurally different media surfaces or of architecture and media is eliminated.

Alternating with large images with a striking distant effect, the media staging shows sequences with deepening product communication aimed at close-up effect and depth of detail. On the LED cubes of the side walls, visitors can delve into the topics and contents of the highlight LED on a smaller scale.

concept for spatial media staging;
design and animation
BMW Auto Shanghai 2015