A. Lange & Söhne Watches & Wonders

Audio-visual exhibits

Content mediation and sensual condensation

Immerse yourself in the precise world of the best watches, that’s the goal at the trade fair Watches & Wonders in Hong Kong 2013.

gate.11 develops an audiovisual display concept for the exhibits in the form of two themed tables, which, through the finely tuned use of haptics, film and sound, serves three interlocking levels of communication: the exhibit thus becomes a condensed experience space in miniature.


A. Lange & Söhne
concept, editing and design;
3D mechanical simulation and animation;
shooting and postproduction

Making precision palpable

The exhibit on the subject of surface refinement takes you haptically and visually into the world of fine watchmaking. Miniature display cases with real mechanical parts as well as the reproduction of their surfaces (polishes, engravings, cuts) convey the extreme precision. Individually controllable films link real product, real image and delicate graphic elements, thus creating a technically found and emotional visual language in equal measure.

Audiovisual alphabet for precision watches

A specially developed sound alphabet highlights the individual “voices” and “melodies” of the watches like a score – ticksounds, push sounds, rotation sounds, jump sounds or beat sounds lead through the central mechanical processes and technical innovations. These can be called up individually and are visually complemented by films and delicately animated graphics. Sensitised to individual sound elements, the visitor learns about and hears the orchestration and differentiation of the timepieces.